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leading fistful of dollars budgets money

Best cheap laptops: We rate the best-sellers on Amazon

If you have $500 (or less), we've found the best cheap laptops on Amazon and Best Buy. The ones that give you the best bang for buck. Keep reading to find our top picks.

Crusader Kings III - Preview Build

Crusader Kings III hands-on: I defeated my son in a duel and he (probably) died of embarrassment

After three days with Crusader Kings III, it's definitely more of the same story-driven medieval politicking and strategy—but with a much friendlier interface and tutorial this time around.

loose change money financial by josh appel unsplash netpasr bmq

Software worth paying for: 10 programs you won't regret buying

Sure, you can stock your PC with some excellent freebies, but this software is worth paying for.

$300 Athlon 3000G Full Nerd Build side panel off view 2

Affordable and sweet: How to build a $300 gaming PC

When we last built a $300 PC, you could only expect to do basic office work with it—gaming was off the table. How times have changed.

macbook air pro compare

13-inch MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Buy this or buy that?

Now that Apple has updated its entire lineup of notebooks for 2020, let’s that a look at the specs and break down which one you should buy.


surface pro 7 camera better

Suddenly, Microsoft's Surface cameras are a compelling feature

Microsoft executives tell PCWorld why the webcams in the Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, and Surface Pro 7 are better than the competition's.

mac antivirus hub

Best antivirus for Mac: Get the best protection from viruses and malware

We name the top free and paid Mac antivirus products to root out malicious software and prevent infections.


Multi monitor workstation

1080p vs 4K: Which is better for your work-from-home setup?

Should you get 1080p or 4K monitors for your work-from-home setup? We discuss the most effective strategy.

old android phones

Your old Android phone isn't dead yet: 7 ways to make it run faster and last longer

Your old Android phone isn't dead yet, it just needs a little help. Reboot it, update the OS, clean out old apps and data, boost battery life and more.

3k pc build

$3K PC build challenge: The parts and peripherals we'd splurge on

The Full Nerd gang challenges each other to build the best $3,000 PC possible, with wonderfully varied results.

ryzen 4000 mobile cpu

Ryzen 4000 performance benchmarks: Ryzen 7 4700U beats Intel H-class mobile chips

We test the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U in the Acer Swift 3. Here are all the benchmarks we ran on this first laptop out of the gate.

750 pc challenge

$750 PC build challenge: Watch us debate how we'd spend our money

How would we spec out a fresh $750 PC build? The Full Nerd gang takes on the challenge, with some remarkable similarities—and eye-opening differences.


I wish the PC had game creation tools as intuitive as PlayStation 4's Dreams

...And I wish Dreams had mouse and keyboard support, for that matter.

cord cutting streaming cable television

Cord-cutting myths busted: Why you should stop worrying and dump cable

If you're not sure if cord-cutting is for you, we've broken down, busted, and dispelled the biggest myths that might be holding you back from saving serious money.


best noise canceling wireless headphones deals under 250

How Nvidia's magical RTX Voice app eradicates background noise in calls and videos

Nvidia is putting the tensor cores in GeForce RTX graphics cards to practical use with RTX Voice, an app that uses those cores to filter background noise in popular programs.