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mullvad v nord

Mullvad vs. NordVPN: Two popular VPNs do battle

Here's how two of the most highly regarded VPNs compare in a feature-by-feature showdown.

pixel 4a iphone se 3 lighter

9 things I learned switching from the iPhone SE to the Google Pixel 4a

After using the iPhone SE for a few weeks, I switched to the Pixel 4a. Here's what I learned.

HDMI cable

4K HDMI cables: How to cut through the marketing lingo and figure out what you actually need

You probably don’t need to buy a HDMI cable to go with your new TV, but here’s how to tell for sure.


leading fistful of dollars budgets money

Best cheap laptops: We rate the best-selling deals on Amazon

The best cheap laptops on Amazon give you a good set of features and few regrets. We sift through the bestselling models and pick the ones with best bang for buck.

geforce special event teaser

Watch Nvidia's GeForce Special Event with us on September 1!

Nvidia will likely announce the successor to its GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards at long last. And we’ll be commenting live as it happens.

lian li uni fan

August 2020 top product alerts: Unprecedented SSDs, blistering Ryzen laptops, and much more

This month’s round-up of the products we can’t wait to get our hands on, plus the best of those newly available.

Microsoft Windows Surface Pro

Essential gear that makes distance learning and working from home much easier

These tech tools and software make it easier to stay productive from home.

fall guys

The best co-op PC games to play with your friends

Sure, you can play these co-op PC games alone, but they're way better with a buddy.

geforce rtx 2070 super

Nvidia RTX retrospective: What two years of ray tracing and DLSS got us

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 20-series changed the game, but did it change YOUR games? We examine two years of ray tracing and DLSS games on the cusp of the GeForce RTX 3090's reveal.

fitbit devices

Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Charge 4, and Inspire 2: What to buy right now, wait for, and avoid

With the addition of the Sense and Versa 3, Fitbit is now selling nine different trackers and smartwatches, but they're not all worth buying.


fitbit versa 3 sense

Fitbit Sense vs Versa 3: Small differences make a huge difference

Fitbit's newest smartwatches are the company's most expensive wearables in years. So which one should you buy?


Kodak Smile

Giveaway: One day left to win a Kodak Smile camera or printer

Enter to win a Kodak Smile camera or printer and capture your favorite summer memories

nba teams 4

I sat 'courtside' for an NBA playoff game thanks to Microsoft Teams

I sat courtside for an NBA playoff game thanks to the power of Microsoft Teams and it was pretty great.

pcw old laptop chromebook logo

How to turn an old laptop into a Chromebook

You can convert an older laptop into a Chromebook without spending a dime. All you need is an hour.

cheap monitor distance learning primary

Best cheap monitor for back-to-school, distance learning? Here's my answer

My relative asked for buying advice on a monitor for distance learning. Here's what I recommended and why.