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What to do with an old laptop: 10 clever ideas

Repurpose, donate, sell, or recycle—you have so many choices for what happens next in an old laptop’s life.

geforce now website Feb 2021

Why I left GeForce Now for a dusty PlayStation 4

As good as it is, Nvidia’s cloud-gaming service falters when it comes to competitive games, but there’s a setting that can help.

gtx 1080 ti vs rtx 2080

Are used graphics cards worth the risk? | Ask an expert

Going pre-owned can be mighty tempting these days, since finding a new graphics card for a reasonable price is nigh impossible.

Why Women Kill

What’s on Paramount+? The 10 best TV shows

There’s enough good television entertainment on this streaming service to justify subscribing for at least a few months.


cooler master ML360 sub-zero AIO cooler on table

Cooler Master’s thermoelectric AIO cooler is smaller than we expected

After months of staring at the massive box, we finally investigate the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero up close.

thunderbolt dock primary

The best Thunderbolt docks you can buy for your laptop PC

We've tested a bunch of Thunderbolt docks—from budget-priced to full-featured—to help you find the right one for your laptop PC. Our buyer's guide will tell you what to look for.

Antivirus / virus alert / warning / security threats / protection from attack

The best free antivirus 2021: Keep your PC safe without spending a dime

Many of the big names in antivirus offer a free version of their security suites. Here are our top five choices for free AV.

paramountplus raidersofthelostark jma

What’s on Paramount+? The 10 best movies right now

If you subscribe to Paramount+ or are considering signing up for this Hulu competitor, these are the 10 best movies available for streaming.


the full nerd rgb build 2018

Which PC cases are the best? | Ask an expert

Is there one PC case that rules them all?

pub21 059 coolermasterml360sub zero v7

Cooler Master's MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero AIO cooler is simple to install

In this video Alaina unboxes and installs the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero AIO, which was specifically designed for Intel systems.

Amazon Prime Day

How to snag Prime Day Lightning Deals

Our methods will help you snag Amazon's limited-time, limited-quantity bargains during Prime Day.

amazon package doorstep

How to get Amazon Prime for free for Prime Day

Prime Day will be in June this year. If you're not a Prime member already, here's how to become one without paying a cent before the big day.

pcw record audio win10 1

How to record audio files in Windows 10

Whether you want to record voice memos or lay down some tracks, you can do so easily in Windows.

thefullnerdlogo live

Watch AMD and Nvidia's Computex press conferences live with us!

A few signs suggest that AMD and Nvidia's Computex 2021 keynotes could give PC enthusiasts cause for celebration after a difficult year. We're intrigued.

HDMI cable on a wood floor

Best HDMI cables for monitors: The differences matter

Need a new HDMI cable for your display setup? Grab one of these.

Google Photos on the iPhone

5 things to do before Google's data cap hits on June 1

As of June 1, 2021 every new photo uploaded to Google Photos counts against your Google Account's storage limits. Here's what you can do to get ready.