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qualcomm snapdragon 870 5g mobile platform

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870 is a faster 865, but without WiFi 6E

Qualcomm has tweaked its Snapdragon 865 smartphone processor yet again to create the Snapdragon 870, bumping up the CPU speed but eliminating Wi-Fi 6E.

the full nerd ces 2021 intel talks rocket lake s 2

Video: Intel answers our Rocket Lake S questions

Brandt Guttridge, Intel’s senior director of the Desktop Products Group, appears on The Full Nerd to answer questions about 11th-gen Core, Rocket Lake S, and desktop gaming.

Microsoft Windows 10X start menu all

Windows 10X leaks: Hands-on with Microsoft's new, simplified OS

What's claimed to be a near-final build of Microsoft's Windows 10X has leaked. We go hands on with Microsoft's Chrome OS competitor, now optimized for single screens.

0749 as 13

Qualcomm buys CPU startup Nuvia to beef up PC, smartphone performance

Qualcomm has purchased Nuvia, an Arm CPU startup, and will use the company's technology to beef up its smartphone and PC CPUs.

pat gelsinger vmware

Intel unexpectedly names former CTO Pat Gelsinger as its new CEO

Intel has brought back Pat Gelsinger, a 30-year Intel veteran and former chief technology officer before becoming CEO of VMware, to replace Bob Swan as the company's new CEO.

lisa su ces 2021 zen 3

Three AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile chips you should avoid buying

AMD's new Ryzen 5000 Mobile processor family for laptops hides three processors that are built upon older Zen technology and offer significant performance differences.

razer project hazel

Razer is bringing RGB to N95 masks, because why not?

Razer showed off what it calls Project Hazel, a prototype reusable N95 mask with a clear plastic shell, voice amplification, and of course RGB.

razer blade 15 adv e 2021 top large

Overhauled Razer Blade laptops pair Nvidia's new GPUs with blisteringly fast displays

Razer debuts its refreshed Razer Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17 laptops at CES 2021, complete with support for Nvidia's latest mobile 30 series GPUs, and high-refresh-rate displays at 1080p, 1440p and even 4K.

ryzen 5000 mobile

AMD's laptop resurgence continues with Ryzen 5000 Mobile processors

AMD launches its Ryzen 5000 Mobile processors at CES 2021, complete with the 5900HX, which AMD brags will be the "world's best processor for gamers."

Intel core i9 hero shot Core i9-11900K

Intel takes on Ryzen with Rocket Lake S and the Core i9-11900K

Intel launches its 11th-gen Core chip for the desktop, code-named Rocket Lake S, at CES 2021. The flagship Core i9-11900K offers gaming performance that competes that tops AMD's Ryzen 5900X.

intel Tiger Lake H35

Meet Tiger Lake H35, Intel's new bid for ultraportable gaming laptops

Intel believes that the world is ready for ultraportable laptops that can be used for both work and mainstream gaming, and its new 11th-gen Tiger Lake Core chip, the H35, is just the thing.

intel evo vpro logo

The Tiger Lake vPro line is Intel's next bid for business PCs

Intel launched its 11th-gen "Tiger Lake" vPro Core chips for business PCs at CES, alongside new Evo designs for commercial laptops and notebooks.

bob swan in front of office

Transcript: Intel's Swan explains how Intel can win the PC market

Intel chief Bob Swan sits down with PCWorld and other reporters, answering questions about the PC market, Intel's manufacturing issues, future products, and more. This is the transcript of the conversation.

intel ice lake u and y modules

Intel CEO Bob Swan questions AMD's Ryzen supply a year after facing similar issues

Intel chief executive Bob Swan said Intel's advantage in the PC market was its plentiful supply of processors, and its ability to co-design PCs with its partners.

intel broadwell  14nm wafer dark sep 2014 100412307 orig

Intel CEO considers bringing in outside help to aid manufacturing

Intel says it's open to the idea of bringing in a third-party chip manufacturing line within Intel to improve the company's processor manufacturing.