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intel 10900k and 11900k on intel box background

10th-gen Comet Lake vs. 11th-gen Rocket Lake: Which should you buy?

New Intel CPUs have historically replaced the previous iteration outright—but these days, you can realistically choose between, say, the Core i9-10900K and the Core i9-11900K. Here's which one to pick.

Mirror Universe YT livestream thumbnail

Watch us build our 'Mirror Universe' RGB PC!

Last December, we built an awesome RGB gaming PC using Lian Li and AMD parts. Currently, those are hard to find—so we're building a version with rival components that ARE in stock.

kaby lake back next to haswell e haswell sandy bridge resized

How much staying power will future CPUs and GPUs have? | Ask an expert

Many PCs with Sandy Bridge, Polaris, and Pascal parts still remain in active service. But given how fast new technology is developing, will future generations ever last as long?

xbox ps5

At what price does a console become better than a gaming PC? | Ask an expert

Today's painful component shortages add an additional layer to the usual advice.


Act fast! The Xbox Series S is in stock at Costco

Been struggling to get your hands on any next-gen gaming hardware? Act fast—the Xbox Series S is in stock at Costco

pcworld 3300X unicorn build

Watch us build our 'unicorn' PC, live!

We've waited a long time to build with an AMD Ryzen 3 3300X.

microsoft windows bitlocker encryption desktop pc monitors

Is your VPN secure? How to make sense of VPN encryption

Encryption is only as good as how it’s configured. But while the details can be confusing, all becomes clear once you know how to sort the information. We explain how.


What’s the minimum CPU you need for a Chromebook? | Ask an expert

Web browsing and video calls aren't deeply taxing, but stick to these processor families for a pleasant experience on a Chromebook.

A security system involves a wall of combination locks on interconnected puzzle pieces and a shield.

Is a free VPN safe? 5 things to look for

Some free virtual private networks give away info you might not want known. Here's how to tell who guards your privacy and who doesn't.

geforce now website Feb 2021

What do you need for a good GeForce Now experience? | Ask an expert

Nvidia’s game streaming service can serve as a stopgap for a GPU upgrade—here’s what you need for smooth gameplay.

youtube premium

Love YouTube but hate ads? Score a long 3-month free trial to YouTube Premium

Right now, new subscribers can try YouTube’s useful (but expensive) paid features for a full three months at no cost.


cheap pc thumbnail

How do I get a PC for cheap? | Ask an expert

The strategy for scoring computers at rock-bottom prices depends on if you want to buy new or used.

The Full Nerd 170

The Full Nerd ep. 170: Radeon RX 6700 XT analysis, Smart Access Memory on Ryzen 3000

In this episode of The Full Nerd, AMD levels up its PC gaming hardware.

variety of ssd form factors on a two-tone colored background

What type of SSD should you buy?

SSDs have clear performance advantages, but the jumble of acronyms like M.2, SATA, NVMe, and NAND don’t make it easy to pick one. We’ve untangled the process for you.

pub21 054 ssupd meshlicious v1.00 24 22 07.still002

SSPUD’s new SFF case is made for mesh lovers

The first case launched by Lian Li’s new sub-brand SSUPD, the Meshlicious offers configuration options galore within its many mesh panels.