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Alaina Yee is PCWorld's resident bargain hunter—when she's not covering PC building, computer components, mini-PCs, and more, she's scouring for the best tech deals. Previously her work has appeared in PC Gamer, IGN, Maximum PC, and Official Xbox Magazine. You can find her on Twitter at @morphingball.

Xbox E3 2019 press conference Game Pass Ultimate 2

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tip: How to get 3 years of access to hundreds of games for dirt cheap

You can save hundreds on an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with this method. And if your timing is lucky, you'll pay even less to pull it off!

tfn21 174 tfnep174

The Full Nerd Ep. 174: AMD's mysterious 4700S, Apple's M1 blitz, EVGA's Elite GPU access

The gang discusses Apple's M1 iMac and iPad, the mysterious AMD 4700S CPU, and EVGA's Elite club.

person performing maintenance on a motherboard

3 common PC building problems—and the tools that fix them

Building a PC sometimes goes flawlessly, but other times you end up getting tripped up by an issue. Here’s how to unsnarl a few messes that most people experience.

pcw sell old tech 2 copy

How to sell your old tech gear

Those laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices lying around your house could be worth some cash. Here’s how to get that money into your wallet.

ryzen 3 2200g 3

Will a console APU equivalent ever exist for the DIY market? | Ask an expert

A true console PC build should be possible in theory, so why doesn’t it exist?

eclipse p200a 02

Phanteks goes mini with its Eclipse P200A ITX case

The Phanteks Eclipse P200A targets fans of compact builds with its shrunk-down take on the company’s affordable mid-tower cases.

lastpass logo color

LastPass, our favorite password manager, is 25% off

Our favorite password manager does a good job at working for you instead of the other way around—and now it’s even more affordable.

steven cornfield jwpnyzdgz78 unsplash 3

Having trouble finding a COVID-19 vaccination appointment? These online resources can help

Whether you need leads on available time slots or a kind soul to do the booking for you, these groups and websites can help.

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

How to protect your COVID vaccination card digitally: Dos and don'ts

Protect your COVID vaccination card digitally by creating a good image using a camera or scanner, and keeping it secure in cloud storage.

Be quiet silent base 802

No sacrifices necessary: Be Quiet's Silent Base 802 has plenty of room for all your components

Need to build a PC with tons of storage and bulky high-end components? That's no problem for the Silent Base 802, a mid-tower case that has space for it all while keeping noise to a minimum.

Conceptual image of password entry amid binary code.

Isn’t local storage better for password database security? | Ask an expert

Cloud-based password managers strike some as a potential risk, but how bad is the danger?

steam remote play thumbnail

What’s the fastest solution for local or private game streaming? | Ask an expert

To have the best possible experience when streaming your games to your couch—or even remotely—you’ll need to focus on your network setup as much as your hardware.

pexels pixabay 267482 facebook login screen on mobile

Another day, another data breach. Here’s how to see if you’ve been exposed

Email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays are part of a new Facebook data dump—you'll want to protect yourself if you got caught up in it. Here are the steps you need to take.


Where should you buy monitor cables? | Ask an expert

Some stores charge usurious prices for quality cables, but Amazon is rife with questionable offerings. Here’s what we buy that’s both affordable and reliable.

Assortment of PC building tools

Essential tools for PC building: Don't get caught without these 10 items in your toolkit

You can assemble a PC with just a single screwdriver on hand, but having this lineup in your toolbox makes DIY much easier—especially if anything goes sideways.