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Alaina Yee is PCWorld's resident bargain hunter—when she's not covering PC building, computer components, mini-PCs, and more, she's scouring for the best tech deals. Previously her work has appeared in PC Gamer, IGN, Maximum PC, and Official Xbox Magazine. You can find her on Twitter at @morphingball.

youtube premium

Love YouTube but hate ads? Score a long 3-month free trial to YouTube Premium

Right now, new subscribers can try YouTube’s useful (but expensive) paid features for a full three months at no cost.



Act fast! The Xbox Series S is in stock at Costco

Been struggling to get your hands on any next-gen gaming hardware? Act fast—the Xbox Series S is in stock at Costco

cheap pc thumbnail

How do I get a PC for cheap? | Ask an expert

The strategy for scoring computers at rock-bottom prices depends on if you want to buy new or used.

variety of ssd form factors on a two-tone colored background

What type of SSD should you buy?

SSDs have clear performance advantages, but the jumble of acronyms like M.2, SATA, NVMe, and NAND don’t make it easy to pick one. We’ve untangled the process for you.

pub21 054 ssupd meshlicious v1.00 24 22 07.still002

SSPUD’s new SFF case is made for mesh lovers

The first case launched by Lian Li’s new sub-brand SSUPD, the Meshlicious offers configuration options galore within its many mesh panels.

Intel Core i9 10900k

Should I still buy Intel CPUs? | Ask an expert

AMD processors are more popular right now, so does that make Intel's chips a poor choice?

Cell phone with stock image of password manager on it

Best free password managers: Better online security doesn’t have to cost a thing

Identity theft and fraudulent charges are just part of the headache that can result from using weak passwords. Shore up your defenses with one of these free password managers.

AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 Ryzen 9 5900X Ryzen 9 5950X

How to snag a Ryzen 5000 at a fair price

Alarmed by the ever-rising prices for PC hardware? Here’s how to get Ryzen processors (or Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards) for a reasonable amount.

gelid am4 cpu bracket on motherboard

Gelid's $1.50 bracket protects you from ripping out Ryzen CPUs

Gelid’s new CPU protection bracket aims to reduce the chance of ripping a Ryzen processor free while uninstalling its cooler.

PlayStation 5

When should I choose a console over a graphics card upgrade? | Ask an expert

Our staff often debates this topic fiercely, but switching platforms can make sense.

Ryzen 5000 laptop on a pink background

Game on: Ryzen 5000 laptops you can buy right now

Like what you’ve seen from AMD’s hot new mobile processors? Here are the laptops you can get your hands on.

Milo 10 live build thumbnail

Watch us build an HTPC live!

Released last fall, SilverStone's Milo 10 is a modular mini-ITX case designed for home-theater PC builds. We're gonna give it a go.

9th-gen Intel Core i9-9900K

Is spending $300 on an Intel Core i9-9900K worth it? | Ask an expert

On occasion, dropping cash on an unintended upgrade can greatly benefit a whole family.

dirty pc large

What is the proper way to clean your desktop PC or laptop? | Ask an expert

Avoiding dust is impossible—so a little maintenance will keep your system in optimal shape. Here’s what you need to do, and how often. (Partial spoiler: Avoid household vacuum machines.)

Black 5000D Airflow and white 5000X side by side

Corsair's new mid-tower cases make personalizing a PC build even easier

The 5000D, 5000D Airflow, and 5000X aren't upscaled versions of last fall's 4000 series. Instead, these bigger cases pack in upgraded features and additional modularity.